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  • Automotive Technology Center

    • Aubrey Hiscox

  • Bucks County Technical High School

    • Shannon Seratch

  • Central Montco Technical High School

    • Sandra Brower

  • Chester Upland School District 

    • Jeanette Best​

  • Delaware County Technical School

    • Folcroft  - Michelle Kuc

    • Aston  - Jennifer Capehart

  • Eastern Center for Arts and Technology

    • Nicole L. Abruzzi

  • Middle Bucks Institute of Technology

    • Steven Guinan

  • North Montco Technical Career Center

    • Nicole Lucas

  • Philadelphia Job Core (inactive)

  • Western Montgomery Career & Technical Center

    • Cindy Prindle

  • Williamson Free Trade School

    • Pete Zwolak

  • Wood Services (inactive)


  • Attend board meetings

  • Attend and take an active role in the Fall CTSO Leadership Conference

  • State/National Officer Candidate Workshop will be hosted by SkillsUSA Pennsylvania state teacher advisor.  If there is no District 2 SkillsUSA Pennsylvania state teacher advisor the District 2 Board will be responsible to conduct this workshop.

  • Host the SkillsUSA District 2 Competition for 2 years

  • Organize a SkillsUSA Spring Rally

  • Correspond with SkillsUSA Pennsylvania State Director

  • Communicate concerns to the SkillsUSA Pennsylvania – District 2 Director of Record

  • Participate actively in the planning and conducting of all SkillsUSA Pennsylvania - District 2 activities and other new activities

  • Each respective Board member will communicate with their Director or Principal and other advisors at their school information acquired at board meetings or e-mailed by the Board Secretary or any of its members.

  • Adopt calendar for the next school year at the May board meeting

  • Insure appropriate ratios for all functions

    • 1-to-15 ratio of advisor to students for day functions

    • 1-to-10 ratio of advisors to students for overnight functions

    • 1-to 5 ratio of advisors to students for the National SkillsUSA conference.

       (These ratios are set by the PA SkillsUSA Policies)

  • Conduct annual Board Policy Review

  • In the event a board member wishes to resign, a letter of resignation should be submitted to their director prior to the April meeting so a new board representative can be appointed and asked to attend the May meeting.


  • District 2 Board Policy 

    • District 2 Calendar

  • District 2 Check Request Form 

  • ACT 48 Form - For Reporting for District 2 Advisors' and Board Members'

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